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Interior Design Ideas for Your Apartment

Interior Design Ideas for Your Apartment

People migrate to cities when they land a new job or for better education and employment opportunities. Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala etc., are still big draws.

Many people look out to settle down in apartments in these cities because they promise convenience and more security than independent houses.

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In this blog, we are sharing a few ideas for the Indian-style interior design of such apartments.

Say It With Paints

Paints can create magic in any apartment. Pick up lighter shades for walls and this would help to maximize the amount of light and reflection inside the rooms. Using the same shade for all walls gives it a seamless appearance.

Off-white, beige, sky blue and cream are some suggested shades that you can use. Rooms appear airier. It is a good idea to avoid dark colours in small rooms because they can create undesirable vibes.

Use Smart Furniture

Using furniture that doubles up the space is a good idea. Use smart furniture that saves space and which are multi-purpose. Use compact and small furniture for small rooms. This would allow more space in small rooms.

Foldable furniture that can be fitted on the walls of the room and folded when not in use is ideal. When you use furniture made of glass or acrylic, it makes the room appear larger and more open and spacious.

Living-Cum-Dining Area

Opt for an open living-cum-dining area for enjoying more space in apartments. Partitions make the room look smaller and more cramped.

Nowadays apartments are having open living-cum-dining-cum-kitchen areas. Some homeowners opt for glass sliders that can be moved to and fro whenever desired or when there is a need for less or more space.

Declutter Often

While it is true that most of us like collecting things we like, it is a good idea to go for minimalist living and decluttering regularly. Research shows that decluttering your home regularly makes you more productive and organized.

This will also make your apartment appear spacious. Retain your special possessions inside boxes and store them away in a corner or the attic. Sorting them from your favourite to the least favourite can help you get rid of your least favourite ones from time to time.

Opt For A Spacious Kitchen

The kitchen is one the most used areas in a house. Modern kitchen interior design is essential for today’s living. Modern kitchens are designed so that kitchens are large and no space is lost. A modular kitchen design helps in this aspect.

Here every bit of free space is used up properly. A parallel modular kitchen design is a good option if your kitchen is small but you need more countertop space. Modular cabinet systems give your kitchen multiple storage options.

You can also go for open shelves to store your utensils. You can think of using floating kitchen shelves from the ceiling to provide you with extra storage space.

Indoor Plants Add Freshness

Plants kept inside rooms add freshness and also help to create a sense of open air. Pick varieties of plants that flourish indoors and those that require minimal care. You can keep small potted plants close to the window where they would get more heat and light.

Plants make the room appear airier. If you have balconies, you will have the luxury of doing vertical gardening and maybe grow some herbs that you need for the kitchen. You can also hang pots with plants wherever suitable.


If you are planning to move into an apartment, these ideas could help you to add more beauty and space and make your life happier and easier.

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