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We build dreams
not just home

Welcome to Shanoor Homes, a distinguished real estate brand specializing in the creation of luxurious apartment and villa projects in Trivandrum. Established in 2009, Shanoor Homes has successfully completed over 7 lakh square feet of premium real estate.

At Shanoor Homes, we believe in transforming every residence into a haven—a sanctuary of peace, comfort, and joy. Our extensive portfolio includes a new range of apartments, flats, and villa projects in Trivandrum, designed to cater to your specific requirements and enhance your lifestyle. With unique designs and rigorous quality assurance processes applied to both the construction and materials, Shanoor Homes ensures that you experience the epitome of a perfect home. – Elevated by professional expertise.

Why Shanoor Homes?

Our Vision

We’re dedicated to fulfilling everyone’s dream of home, considering it as their haven. Our goal is to craft luxurious living spaces affordably. Our commitment to affordable luxury resonates with our clients. We’ve realized this vision by creating signature apartments and villas in Trivandrum, bringing joy to our customers. Emphasizing quality and sophistication, our designs seamlessly blend modernity with nature. Our focus remains on customer satisfaction, achieved through excellence in craftsmanship, superior quality, contemporary design, lavish amenities, and punctual delivery. With this ethos, we aim to make dreams a reality, providing unparalleled living experiences.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people build their dream. We envision to build grand and luxury living experiences for our customers that does not cost them a fortune. Affordable luxury is yet again another independent feature that probes into the observant eyes of our potential clients.

We Build Trust

Shanoor Homes introduces you to a new world of happiness, security, and success by providing the greatest apartments, flats, townhouses, and luxury villa projects in Trivandrum that meet the needs of clients while retaining the distinct hallmark of a future brand.

Shanoor Homes takes care to provide all of its customers with what we refer to as “trust the best” by providing them with high-quality living areas, modern architecture, environmentally responsible designs, prompt delivery, after-sales service, and a return on their investment.

For the past thirteen years, our enchanted hands have been building stunning flats and villas on Trivandrum’s land. These structures are genuine works of exquisite craftsmanship.

Shanoor Homes has taken great care in designing our services to make sure you always get the optimum combination of quality, location, cost, and delivery time. We remain committed to creating urban spaces where people can live, work, and play with intelligence. Being a zero-credit organisation makes us one of the greatest builders in the competitive market of today.

Committed to quality and trust.

Customers are our top priority, and we serve them with clarity, integrity, and quality. Our focus is on providing budget-friendly, high-quality apartments and villas using innovative techniques. We ensure transparent project scheduling, superior finishes, and timely delivery, creating homes with lasting value. Our dedicated workforce contributes to our competitive strength, and we prioritize trust and faith in all our real estate projects. With proper land deeds and compliance with rules and regulations, your investment with Shanoor Homes is not only safe but positioned for future appreciation. – Committed to quality and trust.

Babu Shanoor (Nizar Ahammed)
Founder & Managing Director
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