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Why an Apartment in Trivandrum is a promising real estate Investment

Shanoor Thkshashila

Trivandrum is a sprawling city filled to the brim with exuberant possibilities. Being the capital city, Trivandrum invites the dreams and hopes of people both near and far, who long to make it their home. The vibrant culture and economic make-up of the city has become a bustling testament to progress and innovation. As an IT hub in the state of Kerala, Trivandrum is also well sought after by tech professionals embarking on their illustrious professional careers.

Trivandrum has transformed into a bustling center of real estate developments. The city’s landscape is now adorned with grand and affordable real estate projects, designed to seamlessly blend into the rich cultural fabric of Kerala’s capital. If you’re considering real estate investment opportunities in Trivandrum, here are several compelling reasons why it can be a rewarding endeavor:

  • Growing Economy: Trivandrum’s economy is quite diverse and robust. Driven by industries such as IT, Tourism, Healthcare, Education and research; its economic rise is steady with room left for it to grow. Career opportunities abound with the presence of major players like Technopark and the upcoming Life Sciences Park project that are attracting a steady stream of professionals in search of solid housing and rental properties.
  • Thriving Educational Hub: Trivandrum is a leading city in terms of volume and in terms of high-quality education. The city is home to renowned educational Institutions including University of Kerala, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST), and Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER). Apart from these major institutions, the vast landscape of Trivandrum is home to a diverse array of premium schools and educational institutions that have an excellent track-record for producing passionate and driven alumni. This is another reason that makes the city a popular choice for students and faculty seeking accommodation, presenting opportunities for investment in student housing and rental properties.
  • Government Initiatives: The Kerala government has been actively promoting the development of infrastructure in Trivandrum, which has a positive impact on the real estate sector. Ongoing and future infrastructure projects, such as road expansions, flyovers, and public transportation improvements, can enhance connectivity and increase property values in the area.
  • Tourism Potential: Trivandrum is also a major tourist destination, attracting travelers with its stunning beaches, historical monuments, and cultural heritage. The demand for hospitality properties like hotels, resorts, and vacation homes remains high, making it an appealing prospect for investors interested in the tourism and hospitality sector.
  • High Quality of Life: Trivandrum is known for its pleasant climate, lush greenery, and relatively lower pollution levels compared to other metropolitan cities. The city’s serene ambiance and access to essential amenities make it an attractive choice for individuals and families seeking a high quality of life, thus driving the demand for residential properties.
  • Stable Real Estate Market: Trivandrum’s real estate market has exhibited relatively stable price trends over the years, making it less susceptible to extreme fluctuations seen in some other markets. For long-term investors, this stability can provide a sense of security and a favorable environment for potential capital appreciation. Individuals looking to earn a steady rental income, Trivandrum’s rising economy and the high demand for viable real estate properties ensure a steady stream of reasonable rental income as well.

At the forefront of Real Estate development in Trivandrum is Shanoor Homes, whose aim is to construct an intricate web of interconnected properties in the beating heart of Trivandrum’s thriving landscape. Shanoor Homes boasts a diverse collection of projects like Thakshashila, Tech Meridien, Metro Square, Amar Vista and Orange Woods to name a few. These projects include ready to move flats in Trivandrum as well as villas that are spread over a sprawling strip of land that covers everything from Railway and Airport, Lulu Shopping Mall, a diverse collection of educational institutions, top IT companies in and around Technopark, and a variety of hospitals within an easy-to-reach 10 km radius. This access that Shanoor Homes has to such prime locales as the foundation for their projects is one of the main reasons they are rightfully hailed as one of the Top Builders in Trivandrum.

Whether you are looking to buy a forever home or aiming to invest, Real estate properties in Trivandrum have a plethora of opportunities to look out for. The capital city’s growing economy and stable real estate market make it a compelling choice when considering locales to build a lasting career or an illustrious family life. Initiatives by the government coupled with having your pick of educational institutions to choose from; contributes greatly to why Trivandrum might be right for you. As a city with a large influx of tourism and a penchant for a premium lifestyle, Trivandrum also attracts a crowd that glows an air of diversity and enlightenment. So come check out what Trivandrum has in store for you!

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