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What Are The 10 Crucial Elements to Be Considered While Buying Property in Trivandrum

As the capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum has always been the hottest location for people looking to buy property for residence and investment in real estate. Its political significance as the state’s capital, emerging economic prowess, growing population, etc., add more value to the city, making it an excellent hub for real estate investment. With diverse infrastructural development activities coming up in the city, there is no doubt that Trivandrum will become even more preferred by homebuyers and investors to buy properties. However, you must pay attention to a few factors to ensure that you are making the right decision before deciding to buy property in Trivandrum. Are you wondering what those factors are? Well, let’s try to understand them right here.

10 Factors to Keep in Mind When Looking to Buy Property in Trivandrum

Considering and carefully analysing the following elements will ensure that you are making a well-informed and intelligent decision when buying property in Trivandrum.

RERA registration

Real Estate Regulatory And Development Authority or RERA registration is mandatory for any builder to introduce a project anywhere in India . RERA sees to it that promises from the builder will be fulfilled. Hence the first thing a home buyer needs to check while buying an apartment or villa from a builder in Trivandrum is whether the project has been registered under RERA. In addition, you can monitor and also understand how the builder utilises the money that they have sourced from you, as RERA has established transparency in this regard .Hence the home buyer need not worry about his payment being utilised in things other than building his house. This ensures that your investments are in the right hands and you will not have any trouble in getting the worth of your investment from the property.

Bank approval

Before investing in any property, check whether the property has approval from major banks in Trivandrum. This is to ascertain that the property will have no litigations in the future because major banks like HDFC,SBI ,Canara Bank, etc. thoroughly scrutinise a property before giving its approval for customer loans. Not all real estate projects are approved by the banks as the projects need to satisfy certain criteria for approval. If the major banks approve the project, you can confidently buy it, as they comply with diverse requirements of the bank. This ensures that your investment is safe and worth it.

The Neighbourhood

When looking to buy property in Trivandrum, the neighbourhood is an important element of consideration. Your focus must always be on selecting a good neighbourhood with a peaceful setting and an excellent community. The neighbourhood must also have adequate security systems and a low crime rate. These factors ensure that you can live safely without much worrying. Most of the residential areas in Trivandrum like Kazhakoottam, Technopark, Kariavattom, Kowdiar, Pangappara etc., are safe with low crime rates. If you want to settle down in an employment hub, Kazhakoottam is the best place.

Your budget

When buying a property, always keep your budget in mind. You must put your budget with an upper and lower limit that you will not go beyond. Looking for properties that go beyond your budget might make it harder for you to meet EMIs if you are taking a loan. Hence, it is advised that you stay away from overspending your budget. Going below your budget is also not advised, as it might compromise the quality, amenities, and other services offered by your builder. Buying homes in Kazhakootam bypass stretch which forms the new Trivandrum with all the new age, modern provision for luxury living (Lulu Mall,Travancore mall,Taurus mall) and employment opportunities with Technopark with a surprising rate of development, is the most preferred region by homebuyers in Trivandrum.
coins in bottle showing budget

Resale value

This is an important factor if you treat buying a home in Trivandrum as an investment. You need to check the trends for the last few years in the area to see the return on investments. Try to learn the average profits that homeowners have been able to make when selling property and calculate the potential profit.

You may seek the help of a financial advisor to do this, or the builders themselves may provide you with financial advice. Always try to invest in properties that can offer you considerable appreciation over time.

One of the best places now to buy a home in Trivandrum is Kazhakootam bypass stretch and Kazhakootam NH stretch. It has both luxury and affordable properties and the resale value is on the rise constantly.

Transportation means

Check out the transportation means available near your potential home. How close is the bus station? How far is the Railway Station or Trivandrum International Airport?

These elements also need to be considered, although it is not something you may always need.

Civic amenities

Civil amenities are another factor you need to consider, as you may need to go to the local government offices for a variety of purposes. Hospitals and clinics are another consideration you need to check, as medical emergencies can happen anytime. It would be hard for you to get to them if they were too far.

Hence, it is vital that you choose places that have civic amenities like government offices, hospitals, police stations, places of worship, etc.

Trivandrum has various hospitals like, five Medical Colleges, KIMS, Ananthapuri Hospital etc., and most of them are reachable from all top residential areas.

Commutation time

Check the commutation time to your potential property before buying it. Ensure that you can easily get around in the location. Traffic will be an everyday challenge if you stay far away from the city of Trivandrum.

Schools and colleges

You must check if your preferred location has good colleges and other academic institutions nearby. This is important, especially if you have school or college-going children. Apart from this, also consider whether your location has preschools and kindergartens.

Having good academic institutes is always important as it can affect your kids’ education and future.

The capital is home to diverse academic institutions, such as the University of Kerala, Mar Ivanios College, College of Engineering Trivandrum (18 Engineering Colleges), Government Medical College (four private medical colleges as well), Trivandrum International School (TRINS), Loyola School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, many reputed entrance coaching centres, etc.

Quality of infrastructure

When choosing a property in Trivandrum, the quality of the infrastructure is another crucial element to consider. It is also the most difficult as you may not be able to assess the quality of the property without buying it.

One thing you can do is inquire about the same to the people who have already purchased the same. You can ask them about the quality of the property and the overall experience. A positive experience is always the best signal.

You may also find builders who have quality as their top priority.

Research the builder

When investing a lot of money and trying to make your dream come true by purchasing a property, you must do it with a reliable builder and should determine who are the best builders in Trivandrum for you and your needs.

Conduct adequate research on the top builders in Trivandrum, and try to understand their overall reputation. You can speak to the existing customers of the builders and ask them how the overall experience has been. You may also check the same with customers who have bought and sold properties in Trivandrum.

Also check if the project is on the own land of the builder or is a Joint Venture. If the project is a Joint Venture i.e., land owned by a different person and not the builder, it makes the apartments and flats expensive to buy. Similarly, you can research if the builder has taken any project loan to complete the project, which will also make the apartment more expensive to buy.

At Shanoor Homes, we build all our projects in our own land without taking any project loans. This helps us in giving a homebuyer top quality product at the best price. We have very transparent and open communication with all our existing customers and prospects.


This is another element that you can check with your builder. There are many builders who allow customization to the property. It would help you make changes to the property according to your décor preferences and styles. That is what makes premium apartments in Trivandrum such a sought-after experience.

While not the most crucial factor, it can make a lot of difference to your property if you can customise it as per your requirements.

Why Is Shanoor Homes a Trusted Name in Trivandrum?

With over 14+ years of experience in the real estate industry, Shanoor Homes is among the most trusted builders in Kerala. We have some of the best and most luxurious yet affordable real estate properties in the city’s best locations such as: Near Infosys, Near Technopark, Pattom, flats near Kazhakootam, Pangappara, etc.

Our ongoing prestigious apartment projects are Shanoor Tech Meridien, opposite Infosys on the bypass; Shanoor Amar Vista near Technopark; Curio City Township near Technopark; Thakshashila ready to move in, between Technopark and Sreekaryam; Orange Woods villa project, in Trivandrum etc.

Curio City is a Smart Township by Shanoor Homes at the heart of the city offering flats and apartments for our customers. And these projects are getting unparalleled response from the industry emphasising the trust our customers put on our brand. At Shanoor Homes, we focus on surpassing our customers’ expectations in terms of quality, amenities, luxury, service, and even price.

Our focus on being a zero-credit company and supporting women’s empowerment has helped us scale new heights constantly. We waive the registration fee when a property is registered in a woman’s name at Orange Woods, villas for sale in Trivandrum; Kazhakootam to be exact. Likewise, we offer a relaxation of INR 1 lakh at Thakshashila apartment project located between Technopark and Sreekaryam, if the property is registered solely in a woman’s name.

Further, we build properties on our own land without taking any project loans. Hence, we are able to offer the projects at a more affordable rate than other builders. This ensures quality and transparency in everything we do. With our top-notch construction processes, sustained development practices, and uncompromised services to our customers, we have successfully completed 7 lakh sq. ft. in development.

All these unique factors make Shanoor Homes one of the best builders in Trivandrum to make your dream of owning a home come true. Our premium apartment project Amar Vista near Technopark is nearing completion and will be handed over soon. Another luxurious project, Thakshashila in Sreekaryam, near CET is ready to move in and our new launch of a smart Township ‘Curio City’ at Pangappara near technopark is attracting unparalleled attention .

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