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Should You Buy the House of Your Dreams or Invest in an Asset?

apartment for sale in Trivandrum

If you buy an apartment, it provides you with a home and is also seen as an investment option that would appreciate in the future. The real estate sector had taken a hit during the times of the pandemic but is now witnessing a small growth. Owning a home is a big event in anyone’s life and investing in real estate is one of the biggest options for any individual.

When you buy an apartment for sale in Trivandrum many intangible benefits come along. You enjoy peace of mind, and security in your life, and enjoy the pride of being a homeowner. These are the main reasons why people like to invest in the real estate sector. Looking at market trends of today, real estate still holds sway as the most stable investment option compared to the stock market, mutual funds, etc.

Many surveys bear testimony to the fact that many investors are looking at the real estate scenario very keenly since the pandemic ended. In this short article, we attempt to tell you the benefits you accrue by investing in your dream apartment in Trivandrum for sale and how it can provide attractive returns in the longer term. You can consider the below-said points when you are contemplating buying a home.

Price Appreciation

It is estimated that the average price appreciation rate for real estate in India is about 6 per cent. In the last decade (2010-2020), average property prices have seen a 38% jump in the top big cities in India.

All these indicate that it makes sense to invest in the real estate market and values are only likely to appreciate sizeably in the future.

Tax Benefits

Owning your dream home can get you a tax deduction of up to 2 lakhs.

Under section 24 of the IT Act, you can avail up to 2 lakh of tax benefits and this would help to ease your interest rate if you invest in a ready-to-occupy property.

Easy Home Loans

Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck, RBI has lowered repo rates considerably. Because of this, home loan interest rates at 7% are probably at their lowest. This is a good time to make use of this opportunity and you can make profitable investments.

A couple of years ago, home loan rates were 8-9% per annum. Investment is stable and risk-free. Looking at the current market situation, buying your dream home would probably be the most stable investment avenue. Your home will appreciate sooner than later.

Moreover, as the prices were on a downward trend during the pandemic and are just about picking up, buying your own home now for later resale can fetch you higher profits. The real estate market will rally once the economy becomes more stable. You can find lots of flats for sale in Trivandrum where you can lead a luxurious life.

Attractive Deals

As the market was down and sales were low during the time of the pandemic, many of the developers are offering very attractive deals for the purchase of their property.

Therefore, this is just about the best time to buy. There cannot be a better time than now!

Steady Income Source

Buyers can also hope to get a steady source of income if they invest in real estate property and then lease it out. It is a safe and secure source of income.


Investing in a home can lead to better financial returns in the long run. Such an investment also helps to create security over time. With some patience, you can get reap maximum financial benefits from your real estate investments. Investing in real estate is also seen to be a safe way of diversifying our investment portfolio. So, check out the flats in Trivandrum for sale and invest now in the one that meets your needs.

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