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Keeping House Cooler : Architectural Techniques for in Uncomfortable Summers

Keeping House Cooler is essential for comfort and energy efficiency. Use cut stones, reflective materials, and proper ventilation. Optimize window placement and install shading devices. These methods help reduce indoor heat, saving energy and enhancing living spaces naturally

A home is not only a dream but also a belief and a shield built by every person to protect their family. 

But that dream itself can destroy us if not built properly, so if you want to build a house with faith, you are safe in our hands. Your trust is our guarantee. 

Not only houses, but also offices, flats, shopping malls, and many other buildings are built with great confidence. When building any house, its planning is very necessary. 

A good house can only be built with a good plan. Light is something that is essential for us humans. 

If there is no light, how can we see the beauty in this world? Similarly, we now have light at our fingertips. 

As time goes by, inventions also change, and electricity is an invention. 

The wiring we provide in these buildings uses very high-quality wires. 

If you don’t use good quality wires, the building itself is likely to get destroyed, so here we use very good quality wires. 

Similarly, we are doing systems here to reduce the overcharge of the electricity we use. 

Even in homes, there is a system to automatically turn off the fan and light in the unused room. 

Even if we forget to turn off the electrical equipment after we need it, it will turn off itself, thus reducing the excessive charge and consumption of electricity. 

You will do as you say, whether in institutions or anywhere. 

Apart from ours, we give you the things you want at a fraction of the cost without spending too much money. One of the most essential is water. 

All the plumbing works are done using high-quality pipes. 

Be it the tank or the motor, the best quality materials are used. 

But no matter how we use it, we have a responsibility to conserve water. 

So we do it in such a way that water is used only for what it is for. 

Another set of piping is used to collect rainwater and purify it for watering plants, washing clothes, and other cleaning purposes. 

By that, we do not waste water unnecessarily by using clean water for other purposes at home. 

Similarly, even if it is in institutions, the rainwater collected in this way can be taken for cleaning there. 

If you intend to do any farming, accordingly, the piping setting is also done to send the water for washing the dishes, the stored water, etc. 

Through this, we can even use the water that goes to waste. 

By doing this, water is not wasted unnecessarily, so our company will do things like this for you. But if you require more than that, we will do the plumbing according to your specifications.

One of the problems we are facing right now is our climate change. 

Too much rain can change to cold and sunny, but the heat is unbearable. 

With a solution to that, one thing that everyone wants is to keep our home cool all the time. 

For that, our company uses original cut stones and rocks to avoid excessive heat and to keep the building strong. 

It helps to reduce the heat in the house and so on, as well as building roofs to prevent the sun’s heat from hitting directly or using paint that reduces heating. 

And because the temperature is always more dense, it is more visible on the surface, so we use the puna model house construction method to let the hot air out. 

Its use is to reduce the indoor temperature by expelling hot air and bringing cool air into the house. 

Likewise, if you want to have plants and other things indoors, good plant arrangements also help reduce heat indoors. 

It is useful not only for indoors but also for any type of building you want to build. 

Also if you have any planning or how to do it we will make the arrangements accordingly. 

Just as parents protect their children, so every house protects us. We help make that protection stronger.

As the United Nations and its member countries are in pursuit of the target set for 2030 through the Sustainable Development Goals, we still are not sure about whether these targets are practically attainable in such a considerably short time. 

One thing we sure have to acknowledge is that climate change is a reality, if you still do not clearly understand that fact, then you must be living in a fantasy world. 

Everywhere in the world whether that is Europe and America, Oceania, the Arabian Peninsula, or the Indian Subcontinent, the weather these days is uncomfortable. 

The summer season has been constantly getting hotter than usual even inside our houses.

In order to overcome this, architects have come up with innovative and nature-friendly ideas to construct houses that do not require an air conditioner to be cooler. 

Construct the exterior in a way that is protected from direct sunlight. 

Take full advantage of the wind patterns of the location to avoid sunlight and welcome natural wind into the interior. 

Place the windows strategically like using cross-ventilation systems. 

Use reflective materials in the construction of roofs and walls. 

Natural water harvesting ponds and rainwater harvesting systems can also help. 

Avoiding air conditioner and cooling devices can definitely save energy as the wise use of energy is very crucial. 

Terracotta tiles and stabilized mud blocks are perfectly suitable for the Indian climate. 

Thatched roofs will be better than concrete roofs as concrete absorbs more heat.

Provide more open spaces inside for better air circulation and use extended roofs. 

Use shading devices in windows and ventilations for reducing heat. 

Constructing a courtyard at the center will also increase air circulation of rooms. 

These are some of those strategies used by several climate-responsive architects in order to mitigate the effects of the constantly worsening summer season. 

The earlier mentioned 2030 is not so far away and not just the UN; we could contribute a lot to the SDGs and in doing so we could secure our beloved nature and the future of living beings including us humans.

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