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Why Is Trivandrum The Best Place To Live In?

Also known as ‘God’s own Country’, Kerala lies along the southern coast of India, with Trivandrum as its capital city. 

Home to abundant greenery, beaches and rich cultural heritage, it’s been ranked as the top city to live in among the 5 major cities in Kerala – according to a study conducted by the Times Group. 

It has also been ranked as the best city to live in multiple times, by the ASICS (Annual Survey of India’s City Systems) body. This comparative study on quality of life was carried out in 21 Indian states and based on 115 parameters – including law, city administration, the political contribution of citizens, policies and institutional processes.

 In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why Trivandrum is ranked the best place to live in.

Cultural Heritage

Trivandrum is an evergreen city that has been the capital right from the days of the Kingdom of Travancore, when Maharaja Marthanda Varma moved the capital from Padmanapuram in present-day Tamil Nadu, to the current city in 1795. 

Having been a capital for so long has meant that the city is well-developed and has an excellent infrastructure in place that actually works. There are numerous functional iconic buildings in the city left over from the era of the kings too.

Educational Hub

Aside from the numerous places of cultural interests that the yesteryears maharajas constructed, Trivandrum is also famous as an educational hub with a number of premier high schools and colleges based here. 

There is no exaggeration that this city’s schools have also been producing the country’s CBSE toppers for a number of years now. 

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Medical Hub

The city is host to a number of first-class medical colleges and private multi-specialty hospitals that are part of the medical tourism industry. This industry is backed by a thriving hospitality industry too that caters to their other needs.


With its plethora of scenic beaches, lakes, backwaters, waterfalls and eco-tourism, Trivandrum is a shining beacon for both tourists and nature enthusiasts. 

The world-famous Kovalam beach is just a half-hour’ drive away from the city. All these tourism spots in the city also make great weekend getaways for its inhabitants too.

IT Hub

Trivandrum is poised to become home to the country’s largest IT hub once the expansion program of the Technopark is completed. This popular IT hub is a magnet for a younger generation of techies from all over the country and their numbers are only set to increase further. 

Their presence has changed the very fabric of the city, resulting into a multi-cultural society with a majority of people speaking English, Hindi and Malayalam smoothly.


The city boasts of an excellent road network with consistent water and electricity supply throughout. Many new projects are in the pipeline too that will further make slow-moving traffic a thing of the past. 

Social infrastructure in the form of parks, movie theatres, various malls, Nishagandhi auditorium and Vylopilly Samskriti Bhavan are some of the entertainment avenues here.

Natural Disasters

It would be prudent to mention here that unlike other parts of Kerala, Trivandrum is not prone to natural disasters such as flooding and landslides by virtue of its location and topography. 

You can rest assured that your home will always be safe from such effects of climate changes. All these and more make Trivandrum a great place to live in.


With the city still being in its expanding phase – both vertically and horizontally, you will find a lot of construction activity going on here. Just like the city’s rapidly increasing population has realized the value of buying homes in Trivandrum, so too have builders risen to the occasion. 

There are numerous flats, villas and villaments projects coming up all over the city to keep up with the substantially increasing demand for homes.

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