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Invest for a better place to live

Home is the sacred place where your ardent soul typically resides. And for the better treatment of affordable homes, Shanoor adequately provides the negotiated settlement. With elegant features and ultimate luxury, we promptly bring in a different housing experience, just for you and your dear family. An elegant nest nestled in the heart of the capital city, Trivandrum; with no reasonable compromise on everlasting peace and adequate security undoubtedly remain the focal point. Affordable luxury is yet again another independent feature that probes into the observant eyes of our potential clients. The lifelong dream of attaining a private home is precisely the most aspired dream of every common man. A modest house of one’s own in common is to represent a dream not less than any precious thing in this modern world.

Individual spacing uniquely represents another social attractiveness of our construct. For each individual, needs and spaces are different, separating each needs, we developed the demanding arena that constitute accommodating spaces for everyone. This constitutes the comfort level, each individual experience in their private residence. A soothing interior adds on to the mood of the specific person in the abode. To properly understand the aesthetic realm, one must experience it. And for that we provide the best housing experience ever possible in Trivandrum. Apartments and villas with equal luxury and comfort are now available near you in Trivandrum.