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How to Care for Furniture and Wooden Floors During the Monsoon

The monsoon is here and as we all know the rains can cause huge damage to wooden flooring and furniture. Wood absorbs moisture quickly and is damaged easily. 

In this article, we attempt to provide a few tips that could help you keep your wooden floors and furniture away from damage during this monsoon.

Tip #1: Keep Your Furniture at a Distance From the Walls

Damp walls, even without leakages, are harmful to the furniture. Therefore, bookshelves, showcases, etc., made of wood are best kept away from the walls.

Tip #2: Keep Wooden Furniture Away From the Windows

Rainwater coming through windows can drench wooden furniture and cause irreparable damage. Also, take care not to keep wooden furniture pieces on the balcony or near French windows that lead to the balconies. You also have to protect wooden window frames from the water by wiping them dry frequently. Placing camphor balls inside cupboards can help to absorb moisture. They also help to keep termites away during the monsoon.

Tip #3: Oil Them

Another way of protecting wooden furniture is by oiling them. During monsoons, we have often noticed that wooden furniture absorbs moisture and tends to swell up. This is commonly noticed in doors and drawers. You can fight this by either using spray-on wax or by oiling the wood.

Tip #4: Apply Lacquer Finishing Coats on Wooden Furniture Items 

It is recommended that you polish your furniture at least once a year or sometime just before the monsoon season arrives. A lacquer coating will do well by filling in all the small pores and pits. The wood will therefore not be able to absorb the moisture and swell up. Lacquer costa can be used on all the wooden furniture pieces including the living room, bedroom, and dining room. 

Tip #5: Check for Leakage Points

If your wooden floors are old, it is a good idea to check the corners and the edges near the walls for any leakage points. These will be the likely spots from where water can seep into the wood. The weak areas should be closed using sealants. Polyurethane can be used to cure sealants.

Tip #6: Keep the Floors Dry and Clean

Keep away any spillage or raindrops from the floor. Keep them dry using cloth mops. 

Tip #7: Dry Wooden Floors by Airing Them

Just because the rains are in, it does not mean that you have to keep the windows shut. Wooden floors dry well only if there is sufficient ventilation. So keep the windows open.


The monsoon is here and therefore it is important to take care of wooden furniture and the floors regularly. You can follow the aforesaid tips to save your wooden flooring from monsoon moisture.  

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