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A Thing or Two about Window Blinds

Blinds are typically made of vertical or horizontal slats. Blinds can be used for windows, doors, and even room entrances. Blinds are hung to filter light, allow for privacy, and also insulate spaces. These slats are made of plastic, metals, and sometimes fabric. Custom blinds can be specifically made for spaces inside a building. Readymade blinds are available in standard sizes for doors and windows and they come cheaper. 

Apartment for sale in Trivandrum as well as commercial buildings featuring offices are styled with different types of blinds. 

In this article, we attempt to provide information about the common types of blinds that are available in the market. 

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds have horizontal slats that are made of metal, plastic, or wood. The slats can be tilted up to 180 degrees to allow a specific amount of light to come in. 

Modern Venetian blinds are also available as ‘cordless’ types. This type is preferred by families having small children and/or pets. So, if you are considering buying an apartment in Trivandrum for sale for your family, this blind would be a great option.

Mini Blinds 

Mini blinds are often the smaller version of Venetian blinds. The slats of mini blinds are often made of metal. The micro blind is an even smaller version of the mini blind with the slats measuring just half an inch wide. 

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the best choice for large windows or glass doors. The slats for these blinds of made of fabric or vinyl. Consider this one if you are planning to buy one of the flats for sale in Trivandrum that has large windows. 

An important point to note is that you should measure the length of the slats that you need only after fixing the horizontal track on the top. However, in case you do not measure, the slats may trail on the floor. Well, if you want them like this, you can install them without measuring their length. 

Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are vertical and the slats are usually made with fabric. These can be used as room dividers as well as for covering windows. Usually, they do not have a tilt option. So they either filter out all the light or allow in all the light.

Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are more expensive than the other types. Nowadays, the controls can be initiated via apps on smartphones or via smart home assistants like Siri or Alexa. This model ably supports those individuals with disabilities. They also look stylish, which means they are for everybody. 

Aluminum Blinds 

Aluminium blinds work best for rooms that are sunny as they effectively repel the heat. These are best suited for living rooms or bedrooms. The slats are made of 6- or 8-gauge aluminium and the slats have widths of ½ inch up to 2 inches. 

Rolling Blinds 

Rolling blinds are designed to unroll from a spool that is installed at the top near the frame. This type is mainly used to keep away the heat and light of a room. They are also used to keep out the winds. You can see these in most of the flats in Trivandrum for sale.